Best SEO plugin for WordPress On-page Optimization

Yoast SEO is a most popular and high rating SEO Plugin for today's users. This Plugin helps to you optimize your pages content, images. title tag, meta descriptions, xml sitemaps and loads of optimization options in between. That's WordPress Yoast plugin is the best form others.

Top 10 SEO WordPress Plugin

  • Yoast Wordpress Plugin
  • All in one SEO Pack
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • Woocommerce
  • Nextgen Gallery
  • Js_Compser
  • WP Pagenavi
  • Revslider
  • Q3w3 Fixed Widget

How to install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin?

First of all Go to Dashboard>Plugin>Add New then keyword box write SEO By yoast or yoast wordpress SEO. Latest version, rating and description of yoast then install.

Now you can see SEO option into this plugin. Go to General Option and if you want allow tracking you can mark this box. I keep it default.

Then Go- your info>company or person box.

In here you can change if you are person or company author. Choose your category. Then Save changes.

Click title & meta before change this feature I will Go to settings and click on permalinks
Then click post name radio button and save changes like as above image.

click Title & metas>Force rewrite titles. If you want Enable force rewrite titles you can click this box. I will keep it default and save changes.

Go to Homepage option>
you'll remove %%page%% from Homepage Title template box and click save changes. Because I don't want include page in sitemap.

Now you Go post types option> posts title template. keep only %%title%% and remove others as like image. you can see only title in browser tab or I keep it default we'll see that separator/sitemap feature show in browser.
Pages title template option should be same job as like as posts title. Then you go Meta Robots option. If you don't want to index any post click noindex, follow button. I want to index my post or pages. So I'll keep it default.

Now You Go to media title option; same job keep %%title%% and remove %%sep%% %%sitename%%. If you don't index any media like image, video, flash video, j-query file; click noindex box. Same job Review title template option. only keep %%title%%. As I use authorism theme so you can see review options otherwise you can't see it and save changes.

 Now you Go Taxonomies and click categories. I want to noindex categories click to noindex. Same job in tag option click noindex. As I use authorism theme so you can see Types and Brands otherwise you can't see it. Click all noindex and save changes.

Then You Go Archives click Author Archives noindex and disable the author archives. Same job in Date Archives and save changes.

Now Go others option>Sitewide meta settings. Click noindex subpages and use meta keywords and save.

Why Yoast Plugin is the best for WordPress SEO?

Now I will discuss about Yoast Wordpress Plugin with feature

Title & Meta Description Optimize

Yoast Plugin helps to optimize your website templates page or post such as Title and Meta Description. Yost SEO Plugin Meta box to completely optimize your post title and Meta Description and Meta keyword. Snippet editor helps to see what it would look like in search engines. You can enter focus keyword which is used to show you it would bold in your search results. Everything you can control or modify as your wish.(Like as below image)

Configuration Robots Meta 

When you wish to accumulate a individual post or page out of the index or you adopt to accumulate absolute sections of your site invisible: The Yoast SEO Plugin has your Backup. Hidden by default under the <advanced> button is a meta robots settings block that allows you to accept any settings you want on a per page basis.
You can also choose to no-index category tag or custom taxonomy. Or you write a unique title and meta description.

 Social Media Settings category like Facebook

You can also write your website Facebook Page title and description and image settings as your wish.

Canonical settings

When Google presented the canonical link element to differentiate the Original page form derivative pages within your site carrying the similar content, they reached out to me to develop a wordpress plugin for it. while canonical hyperlink factors have been added to core. They just work for a single posts or pages, not for categories and tags, not me for the homepage. The yoast plugin helps to right canonical on each and every pages.


Breadcrumbs code has been powering many themes for ages. Similar code, the yoast SEO gives more rough control over this breadcrumb. Remember, for each post type which taxonomy to show. For every post, page and taxonomy, what title use for that special entity in the breadcrumb. Now Go Breadcrumbs and click Enable and Bold the last page in the Breadcrumbs. Because of using authorism theme you see that taxonomy to show in Breadcrumbs click post>category, Review>Brands.

Permalink settings

Click change urls and redirect attachment url from permalink. Choose remove stop words and remove the ?replytocom variables Clean up permalinks

XML sitemap

Xml sitemap is an important part of current strategy of SEO. Yoast plugin helps to complete this automatically generate. Google boot visit your Sitemap. To Submit Xml sitemap you can use google webmaster tool.

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