Latest SEO Tips for Google Blogspot Blogger

Blogger SEO is a free practice for SEO learner who has no purchased domain website. If you want to get more traffics from wordpress blog or blogspot blog; you should your blog properly SEO optimized. If you have a google blogspot blog you don't be worry Bandwidth limit, hacking, hosting, vulnerabilities and search engine optimization. In this search engine optimization tips, you will not only learn how to optimize blog, how to get more traffics but also you know how to improve your blog usability.

Blogger SEO Tips for Google Blogspot


Why need SEO for Blogger?

Google Blogger or Blogspot is one of the most popular blogging stage in the world. You can start your business by using free blogging site. Also you can earn Thousands of Dollars by using google Adsense after properly SEO. My Blogger SEO Tips may help you.

Following some Advance SEO techniques I point out bellow.

  • Custom Domain
  • Blogger SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Readability score
  • Typography
  • Social media marketing
  • Keyword reaserch
  • Search engine submission
  • Blogger template design
  • Page speed 
  • Tittle Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Image Optimization 
  • Mata Tag Optimization
  • Blogspot comment section
  • Link building
  • No-follow and Do-follow
  • Heading Tag 
  • Bread crumbs
  • Blogger custom robots header tags 
  • Blogger custom robots.txt
  • Set up Blog RSS feed.

Now let's go start Blogger SEO Optimization

Blogger SEO Tips#01. Using a perfect Domain

Web Visitors find out your blog through the domain name. It's your Trademark. If you don't use custom domain for your blog, you will failure form thousands of blogger who use a custom domain for blog.

There are a few reasons why you should use a custom domain for your blog.

  • Custom domain present your blog unique and make professional.
  • People believe your blog as a real blogger. Not only people believe your blog having a custom domain but also search engines like Google will start trusting your blog and give so demand as a brand.
  • Some advertisement system don't support sub-domain.
  • You can get better rank with high competitive keywords in Google SERP.
  • Motivate you to blog like a Pro. It's your Blog. So you will added acceptable to advance your custom domain blogspot blog than any other domain.

How to select a perfect domain for Brand

  • Use simple spell, type and unforgotten able domain name.
  • Choose (.com) domain extension, it's appropriate for blog.
  • Don't use any character two times together (
  • Include your keywords in blog domain. It will help to ranking search engines

Blogger SEO Tips#02: Unique Content writing

Content is the in SEO. It's a On-page factor. Visitors read content and get knowledge and information for blog or websites. So you should write unique content for better SEO so that visitors are engaged with your blog.

Start writing content your blog post:
  • First look people read your first sentence or paragraph. So ensure you get their attention in the first place.
  • Make sure you have kept your targeted keyword in the first sentences and paragraph. Don't mistake to include other long tail keywords at least one times.
  • Text formatting should be highlight such as (bold, italic, underline), Keywords should highlight by using these method.
  • End the blog should keep targeted keyword again.
  • Make sure blog post written content has more white-space. Write content 2-3 sentences in a paragraph.
  • Use bullets, number in your post.

Blogger SEO Tips#03: Readability score checkup

You blog help out people to solve a problem. If visitors can't understand your score massage? They will avoid it. How to find out your content is readable, check bellow;

Enter your blog page url to find out its readability score. If your blog post content can read by 5 grader student, Better, Because only 30% of world's people can read or understand English. So your blog simple and easy to read post content to engage more people.

Blogger SEO Tips#04: Typography

Typography is an important On-page SEO factor and it will make decision whi and how may visitors can read your content. 65-75+ aged visitors can read your blog post content because most them are very old and eye powerless. So you should increase font size, line height, word-spacing. Font size will be at least 11px.

Blogger SEO Tips#05: Social media marketing

Now social media is important for SEO Ranking. Blogger should be used social media marketing to boost rank. There so many social media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Blogger Blogger SEO Tips#05: Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main factor for SEO. It helps to increase organic traffics. Google Adwords/ keyword planner is the free keyword research tool.

Blogger SEO Tips#06: Search engine submission

Search engine submission is the another techniques to increase rank.

Blogger SEO Tips#07:Blog Template Design

Blog template is helps to engage traffics. Now every website is being responsive and twitter bootstrap. So your blogger template design should be responsive, mobile friendliness and attractive. Them will be free Javascript because it causes the page loading time. There are so many free and Pro template. However if you want a professional blogger template with future update, support and advance tools, or you should  buy a premium template.

  Blogger SEO Tips#08: Page speed factor

Page speed is vital role for attract traffics. Here's some role to reduce page load time
  • Compress image before  uploading
  • Resize image 
  • Fix it HTML/CSS error code
  • Avoid Javascript code, video, image (if possible)

 Blogger SEO Tips#09: Permalink settings

Permalink plays an important role in search engine ranking of Blogspot post. When writing a post, you can see the option to edit the permalink. You can keep permalink Automatic and custom. Custom
option can manually edit. You ought to avoid using special characters, symbols, brackets, comma's and stop words (Ex: a, an the or, in of  etc) as part of your post URL. Most of times you should be using alphabets and numeric from 0-9 in your URL structure and use dash to differentiate two strings in URL structure. Ensure to follow a nice permalink instead of random strings in your permalink.
We should ensure we are using targeted keywords or phrase towards the permalink.

There are some roles should follow for blogspot permalinks:

Blogger custom url - blogspot seo guide

Blogger SEO Tips#10: Keep the keyword density

keyword density is an important for blog ranking. Maintain a keyword density ratio of 2% post. Main keyword use in 1st paragraph and then in the last paragraph. You should use bold, italic and underline to highlight important keywords and phrase in your blog post. Articles should be written keyword based. Post title will be keyword relevance.

Blogger SEO Tips#10: Heading Tag

Heading Tag should be used to highlight various heading, sub-headings and important points. Title tag is used as H1 tag at single post. Don't repeat H2 or H3 tags to many times. Heading is the most valuable tag for SEO. There are 6 heading tags: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
Ex: <h1>Page title</h1>

Add Headings in Blogger

Blogger SEO Tips#11: Create labels and related post

Label includes to the keyword density of the post. Label should be extended rather than keep them into the only narrow category. Label also change related posts widgets in Blogger. If there are so many posts tagged with same labels, it would change the display of articles in related posts.

Blogger SEO Tips#12: Post title format in Blogger

Post title plays an important role in blogger post. Post title is normally followed by home page title.
Go to Blogger edit HTML>find out code section


and replace it with

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType==&quot;index&quot;'>

Blogger SEO Tips#13: Meta tag implementation

Meta tags are generated HTML tags used by search engines to find out the title, description and other details your blog. Meta tag description should be short as 120-160 characters. Some Keywords should be included in meta tag description.

Some roles has given for Meta tag implementation:

Step#1: Go to Dashboard>>Template>>Then Click"Edit HTML" button.

Step#2: Now find out bellow code
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

if you can't find out bellow code, find out bellow HTML Tag.


Step#3:Right bellow on any of above two codes, past bellow HTML Meta code for search engines.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url'==&quot:;'>
<meta content='your blog description here' within 160'description'/>
<meta content='a few primary keyword separated by comma' name='keyword'/>

Step#4: Now change with your blog address.

Write description about your blog within 160 characters. keep a few primary keywords here

Here's an example of Meta description.......

meta description tag for blogger- blogspot seo

We apply above HTML mete tag

Here's the Meta tag for blogger post pages:

<b:if cond='data:blog url'==&quot;;'>
<meta content='keyword separated by comma' name='keywords'/>

Blogger SEO Tips#14: No-follow external links

In blogger you can select HTML section of the post window and include rel="nofollow" attribute just after url to stop search engines from crawling a particular link.

Blogger SEO Tips#15: Blogger image optimization

Image optimization plays an important role. Alt attribute should be used in image. Keywords keep in image as Alt Tag. Also need to some description about the image or blog page. Two Tags are most important for image optimization.
i) ALT: alternative text (for search engines)
ii) Title: title tag (for people)

Here's how to image optimization HTML code:

<img src="image source or url" alt="write about the image" title=" shot title or description about the image"/>

Blogger SEO Tips#16: Custom Robots Header Tags

There are few settings for bloggers that they can individually do for their blogs to make their blogs for SEO friendly. Custom robots header Tags setting in one of them. It will helpful for you to use custom robots headers tag correctly. It is to control these settings.

How to implement custom robots header tags

Step#1: Go to blogger account

Step#2: settings>>search preferences

Step#3: Click"Edit" link under the custom robots header tags:

Custom Robots Header Tags

 Step#4: After click "Edit" then select "yes" radio button. Given bellow strategy

Settings - Custom Robots Header Tags

Step#5: After doing these click Save changes button.

Blogger SEO Tips#17: Custom Robots.txt

Search engine bots/robots needs some strategy on how they have to crawl and index your blog. Prevent some unnecessary pages labels pages from indexing by search engine to prevent your blog from duplicate content issues.

You can implement robots.txt file to prevent low quality web pages from following.

Robots.TXT Testing Tool - Google Webmaster ToolsExample code of robots.txt>

User-agent:Google bots

Blogger SEO Tips#18: Format comments option

The comments option should be no-follow and avoid spam comments. Try to add the post keywords when you replay to reader comments. This would also add up to the total keyword density of the post.

Here's are a few tips to maintain your blog:

Fight against the spammer: Many try to post spam comments on your blog.
No-follow comments Backlinks: Don't let to permit link building from other low quality webpages
Permission to comments anybody: This will increase number of comments and they active your blog by commenting
Approve only relevant topics comments: Unrelated topics comments don't approve.

How to fight against the spam comments?

Restricted people to comment on your blog. You can want identity from commenters 

who can comment on Blogger - restrict people to comment on

Moderation comments

comment moderation

Enable show word verification

show word verification

Blogger SEO Tips#19: Pingshot, Pin FeedBurner and Your RSS feed setup

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. At present many Blogger use RSS feed in On-page SEO. It is a good tips for crawling your blog by search engines. You setup RSS feed on your blog using Feedburner. FeedBurner update automatically your blog. After settings RSS feed you activate the Pingshot to inform other services to crawl you blog.

Now how to submit url in Feedburner. Firstly Login to your Feedburner account, choose the proper feed, then choose publicize and then enable pingshot service. You can now see your post on RSS feed reader just instantly when you publish new posts.

Using Pingshot

Without active pingshot service you can use Googleping pingler to ping your blog.

No-index feedburner content

To prevent content indexing you should No-index Feedburner RSS feed.

Login to your Feedburner account. Then click on RSS feed >>No-index>>choose Indicate that your feed should not be indexed by search engines>> Activate>> click on 'Save'

Noindex Feedburner RSS Feed

Finally I thing blogger SEO Tips will be needed in blogspot SEO those who are interested in blogger SEO. Because a SEO optimized blog site helps to earn dollar by Google Adsense. That's why you learned thoroughly Blogger SEO Tips. I hope following these tips you will be succeeded to fill your goal.

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